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How to use History Illustrated

History Illustrated

Online Text Book

  • Table of Contents
    • Chapters (The Online Book consists of many chapters)
      • Sections (Each chapter is made up of many sections)
        • Discussion Questions (Each sections has discussions questions below the text)
          • These are major ideas you need to be able to discuss and understand
        • Primary Sources (Each section has primary sources below the text)
          • These are important images, quotes, etc. that are related to this section.

History Videos

  • The link titled “History Videos” in the navigation is a chronological list of history topics.

Vocabulary Videos

  • The link titled “Vocabulary Videos” in the navigation is an alphabetical list of vocabulary terms used in American History.

Help History Illustrated

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For Students Section

  • A list of help for students on various topics related to education.


  • Updates on Artwork
  • Education posts for Teachers, etc.
  • Articles that are about History

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