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Today in Class: 2nd Continental Congress

We started class off annotating practice questions. (If you missed these, you need to make them up)

Today in class we covered the 2nd Continental Congress and the things they were forced to discuss because of the Battles of Lexington & Concord.

Essential Question:

How are the colonist’s grievances reflected in the Declaration of Independence?

Second Continental Congress PowerPoint Download

We set up the conversations that were forced to take place at the 2nd continental congress.

After that, with a partner, you had to list reasons that you felt the colonists should be independent. You then listed reasons you felt the colonist’s should stay with England.

You completed a Double Bubble thinking map comparing the Patriots to the Loyalists after completing your list of grievances.

For a closing you wrote a short letter to your family saying that you are joining the war. You had to pick a side, loyalist or patriot, and defend your position.

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