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In Class Monday: 10/27: Grievances in the Declaration of Independence


Today we started off creating definitions for the following two words:

  • Grievances
  • Declare

We used the following images to help us create our definitions:


As we got started in class we sequenced causes of the Revolution. YEP AGAIN! You hate me yet?

Group Work

In small groups you had to create a list of grievances that the colonists would have wanted to list in the Declaration of Independence.

You then used markers and added the one grievance that you thought was the worst to a strip of paper, and one more that you felt was unique to your group. We then added those strips to the board for the class to see.

Quick Write

After comparing, as a class, all the grievances you chose 1 to write about.. You had to explain why it was the worst of all the grievances and how it started.

Share Out

We then shared our thoughts with the class.


As we were getting ready to leave we looked at a list of the grievances the colonists actually listed.

How did you do?


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