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In Class Monday: Review Key People

We have a CBA Test this week. So, I’ve decided to continue with the people that we discussed last week to make it sink in nice and good for you and we will see what you remember about the previous people we learned during the Causes of the Revolution.


The Paper Strips you made last week that described the individuals will once again be placed onto the board under the corresponding names. This time the names have been rearranged AND you will not be using the strips made in YOUR class. You will use the descriptions another class made.

I hope this makes it nice and difficult for you so that you will store this into your growing minds permanently 🙂

Activity 2:

Once we feel confident  enough with the first group we will see what you remember about more individuals.

Working in partners you will complete a sheet of about 25 people. You will simply write the reason we should remember this person. You may need to use your journal.

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