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In Class Wednesday: Grievances and Weakness of the Articles of Confederation


We focused today on just seven of the grievances listed in the Declaration of Independence. Over the next few days we will trace these grievances and how they were addressed in the Articles of Confederation, again in the Constitution and eventually in the Bill of Rights as well.

You can Download the List Here

We read this list in class individually first and highlighted words we didn’t understand.

We then read it in partners out loud to one another and compared the words that we highlighted.

As a class we read the list and compiled a list of unknown words by writing the one word we found to be the most challenging, in each group, on a strip.

We placed the strips on the white board. We then discussed the words and tried to find their meanings as a group based on the context.

Quick Write:

If the Founding Fathers wrote the Articles of Confederation to address these concerns and it did fix these problems, then why were the Articles unsuccessful?

We then Watched this Video on Shays’ Rebellion:

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