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In Class Friday: Mock Government Passes a Bill

US Constitution

We Started Class with the Weekly Vocabulary Quiz


We watched I’m Just a Bill

Activity 1:

We retouched on the Great Compromise and the 3/5 compromise because we didn’t have enough time yesterday to go in depth with it…. Let’s do some math.

Activity 2:

Let’s Pass a Law

The Class is split into equals sides. One side will serve as the Senate and the Other as the House of Representatives.

You will have learned just have difficult it is to get the House and the Senate to agree and even how more difficult it will be to pass your law if the President Vetoes the bill.

Let’s Amend the Constitution

Same thing goes this time except now we want to change the actual Constitution instead of make a law.



Do you think the way our Congress is established guarded against Tyranny?

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