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For Teachers

By December 19, 2014A Message, Uncategorized

Hello Fellow Teachers,

I created History Illustrated with idea of flipping my class and now have other teachers using it as well. I’m very happy others have found it useful. I never could have imagined I’d be helping students outside of my class learn.

The site continues to grow in popularity and in expenses. I simply refuse to put advertisements on it though. I don’t think kids should be inundated with distractions while trying to learn. So, I need your help.

Please consider helping out in the following ways:

Donate Cash Donate Materials Pay for Content
$1 (One Time)

$3 (One Time)



Send us Lessons

Write Articles

Send Primary Sources

Send Ideas!

$25 – New Article

$25 – New Video

$25 – New Current Event

$25 – New Illustration

Read More About History Illustrated's Expenses

Lastly, please share the website on social media.

Thank you,
Justin Weinmann