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Complete Sentences & Restating the Question

Lesson 5 – Complete Sentences & Restating the Question

Vocabulary Word: CompleteIMG_0469

Essential Question:

Why should you restate the question when answering in a complete sentence?


  1. Opening
  2. Why We Should Restate Questions (Download PowerPoint)
  3. Dialogue Practice
  4. Restate Questions
  5. Closing

In Class:

As a class we discussed the meaning of the word complete especially with sentences.

Why we should restate questions was addressed using the PowerPoint. Any writer answering a question should choose to restate the question to add context to the answer. Without restating the question your answer could potentially make no sense to anyone who reads it.

We practiced a dialogue in class in partners speaking to each other while restating their questions. We realized that we don’t speak that way because it isn’t very efficient and since the person you are talking to is present they can’t take your answer out of context. However when writing, the reader wasn’t present for the question, therefore, they can easily take your answer out of context which could create numerous problems.

Writing Activity

In the PowerPoint (Download Here) there were 5 questions which you had to answer in a complete sentences while restating the question.

Closing: Answer the Essential Question

I can’t take credit for this lesson. 

Thank you J.A. White for your brilliant ideas. This lesson is amazing.

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