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Lesson 11 – Intro to Jamestown – Wednesday 9/9/15

Lesson 11 – Intro to Jamestown – Wednesday 9/9/15

Vocabulary Word: Colony

British Colonies

Essential Question:

Why did European countries establish colonies in North America?


  1. Opening
  2. Discuss Big Three
  3. Jamestown Introduction (Copyright, Can’t Share Publicly)
  4. Jamestown Map
  5. Closing

Big Three

We briefly discussed the three major nations of Europe that lead exploration in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries (Spain, France, and England). We then also discussed why we will focus primarily on England in this class.  (Hint: our mother country was England)

We also refreshed our memories on the meaning of the 3G’s (God, Gold, and Glory) and how those were the driving force behind many explorers at that time.

Jamestown Introduction

Independently we read the Intro to Jamestown Mini-DBQ. Once again we highlighted, color-coding, the reading selection into four different colors (categories): Economic, Social, Political, Environmental.

We then discussed the selection as a class.

Lastly students answered questions based on the selection with a partner.

Jamestown Map

We then looked at a map of the Virginia area at the time of the establishment of Jamestown, Virginia. Students had to analyze the map and answer questions while making inferences.


Answer the Essential Question in your Journal.

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