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Quiz 2 Study Guide for Friday 9/11

By September 10, 2015Uncategorized, Weinmann's Class
Vocabulary Dicitionary

Quiz 2 Study Guide for Friday 9/11

10 of the following words will be on the quiz tomorrow. Please use your journal or watch the corresponding videos to study them. Click words to see video (Not all words have a video)

  1. Chronology (View Definition)
  2. Capital
  3. Revenue (View Definition)
  4. Economy (Check out this Lesson)
  5. Socialism (Check out this Lesson)
  6. Free Enterprise (Check out this Lesson)
  7. Mercantilism (Check out this Lesson)
  8. Government
  9. Constitution
  10. Amendment
  11. Charter
  12. Colony
  13. Import
  14. Export
  15. Cash Crop

Your question tomorrow will cover the topic of Jamestown. Remember the answer MUST come in a complete sentence AND restate the question to get credit for it.

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