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Lesson 19 – Mercantilism and Triangular Trade – Wednesday 9/23

By September 23, 2015Uncategorized, Weinmann's Class
Triangular Trade

Lesson 19 – Mercantilism and Triangular Trade – Wednesday 9/23

Vocabulary Word: Triangular Trade

Triangular TradeEssential Question:

How did mercantilism benefit the mother countries during colonialism?


  1. Vocabulary
  2. Colonies Chart (View Chart)
  3. Mercantilism
  4. Closing

Colonies Chart

Once again as a class, students received several pieces of paper that they had to put into the correct locations based on colonial regions. The Papers read: Fertile Soil, Fertile Soil, Rocky Soil, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Manufacturing & Agriculture, Religious Freedom, Economic Opportunities, and lastly, Economic Opportunities & Religious Freedom.

Below is an image of it:

13 colonies Chart



Independently students read a document on the economic theory of Mercantilism and highlighted color coding based on if the sentence was economic, political, or social. They answered a few questions based on the reading.

We then discussed the topic as a class.


Answer the essential question in your journal.

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