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Quiz 4 Study Guide for Thursday 9/24

By September 23, 2015Uncategorized, Weinmann's Class
Vocabulary Dicitionary

Quiz 4 Study Guide for Thursday 9/24

10 of the following words will be on the quiz tomorrow:

  1. persecute
  2. subsistence crop
  3. triangular trade
  4. alliance
  5. economy (View Definition)
  6. mercantilism
  7. cash crop
  8. revenue  (View Definition)
  9. capital
  10. government
  11. agriculture
  12. manufacturing
  13. constitution
  14. representative government
  15. self government


Be prepared to discuss the 3 regions of the 13 colonies, such as Reasons for Founding, Economy, and Geography.

If you’ve got this down continue working on memorizing the Preamble to the Constitution.

Here’s the whole Schoolhouse Rock Video for the preamble if you’d like to see it:



Also, if you’ve got the time check out the videos on the 13 colonies here.

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