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Lesson 20 – Vocab Quiz & Review – Thursday 9/24

By September 24, 2015Uncategorized, Weinmann's Class

Vocabulary Word: Alliance


No Essential Question


  1. Quiz
  2. Mercantilism & Navigation Acts
  3. The Great Awakening
  4. 13 Colonies Chart

Vocabulary Quiz

The Study Guide from yesterday shows the words you needed to know.

Mercantilism & Navigation Acts

We watched the following video and discussed these concepts in class.

The Great Awakening

We discussed how the Great Awakening was a religious revival in our country that would enhance our views of self-government and the need to rule ourselves.

13 Colonies Chart

We reviewed the 13 colonies in terms of economy, geography and reason for founding. We mixed them up so as to challenge the students a little more. We also added in some terms such as Tobacco and Cities.

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