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Important People during the Road to Revolution – Project

Paul Revere

Vocabulary Words: Propaganda, Civil Disobedience, Petition

Essential Question: Which historical figure had the least influence on the American Revolution? Why? 

Day 1: Scripts

All students were divided into groups of three and were assigned 9 influential historical figures from the “Road to Revolution” time period.

Students were given scripts that had missing sections in it. Those missing sections had to be filled in by the group.

Day 2: Chatterpix

Using the app chatterpix on the iPad each group created a video using an image of the historical figure and recorded their script as if that person where saying it.

Day 3: Book Creator

Using the app Book Creator on the iPad students assembled a book. Each page had an historical figure video on it including the state they were from. A timeline was added to the book as well.

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