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Debate Club First Meeting

By October 27, 2015Blog, Uncategorized
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Yesterday we had our first debate club meeting. The following is a list of things we decided.

We will meet on Monday afternoons until from 3:25 – 4:15

Sign up for remind updates by texting @ch72 to 81010

We established just two rules so far:

  1. No Interrupting
  2. No Judging


Our first debate will be over the school dress code. Each of you will need to read the dress code. It can be found here.

It starts on page 18.

We assigned three positions that you could take.


  • Kristina
  • Holly


  • Calvin
  • Jessica

Keep it

  • Ean
  • Evan

Read the dress code and make a list of things you like (agree with) and things you dislike (disagree with). Using those opinions create an argument to support your assigned position.

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