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Northwest Ordinance – Thursday 11/12

Capitol Building

Vocabulary Word: Bicameral

Essential Question: Why did congress set up a precise system for measuring out and dividing up land?


  1. Vocabulary
  2. Read
  3. Map
  4. Township & Range (Download the NorthwestOrdinance Sheet)
  5. Closing

We read about the Northwest Ordinance in our book.

We then colored a map of the northwest ordinance and identified the Northwest Territory by following the direction for its borders. The colored land had to match all of the following requirements:

  1. West of the States
  2. North of the Ohio River
  3. East of the Mississippi River
  4. South of the Great Lakes

Following those four parameters you discovered what was referred to as the Northwest Territory in the Northwest Ordinance.

You also completed a chart for how Townships were created in the Northwest Territory. Each area had to have 4 squares reserved for federal properties and one for schools.