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Due Process and the Bill of Rights

By December 11, 2017Blog, Weinmann's Class

Today, I began my class with a discussion of the concept of due process. I tried to break down the meaning of the actual words “Due Process of Law.”

Many of the students were able to come up the with idea that if something is “due” to you, then it is owed to you. I believe this was helpful in relating it to the rest of the phrase, “Process of Law.” This phrase was broken down further into the idea that, if there is a process, then there would be steps involved.

Ultimately, I think they were able to get to the point that Due Process is a set of steps owed to you in the event that you are detained etc.

Below is a question that we tackled from the STAAR test a few years back. The annotations were guided by the students.

Problem SolvedToday, we also looked at the scenarios for the Bill of Rights that were created by the Bill of Rights Institute.


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