My Story

My name is Justin Weinmann. I’m anĀ Artist, Teacher, history buff, and comics connoisseur. In my spare time I like to draw and and make videos to teach social studies to kids.

I originally started making short clips to show my students in class. As my school moved to a 1:1 environment I started posting the videos in our LMS. I later realized that many schools might want access to some of these videos. So, I started posting them on my own website and on YouTube so that others can use them however they like. Since then, I’ve decided to start making a digital-video textbook if you will. I do not know what to call it. I just figured I would make content for everything I teach, starting back over at the beginning — using everything I learned — and learning along the way.

History Illustrated has evolved into a passion project of mine. I’ve always loved drawing and history and now I combine the two.

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My Skills

Social Studies Teacher




Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Premiere