The following words on Quiz 1:

 Words  Directions
1. Revenue
2. King James
3. Jamestown
4. Mercantilism
5. John Smith
6. Plymouth
7. Capital
8. William Pitt
9. French & Indian War
10. Depreciate
11. James Oglethorpe
12. Pontiac’s Rebellion
13. Depression
14. Roger Williams
15. Proclamation of 1763

Each word is a link to a page with a description and a video summary.

  1. Under your “Quizzes” tab in One Note, create a new page called Quiz 1.
  2. Copy the list of words to the left to your page.
  3. Watch each video and summarize it in your own words.(2-3 sentences)
  4. Draw 2 or more symbols to represent each summary.
  5. Take a screenshot and submit them to Canvas.

Friday Quiz

Be prepared to recognize the descriptions of the words, people, and events. Be able to read quotes, excerpts and other primary sources and identify them as being about the words to the left.