Hello Fellow Educators,

Thank you for showing interest in using my website. I hope you find it very useful and share it with your colleagues.

There are three ways that I use History Illustrated for class, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t find numerous other ways that it’s useful. If you do, make sure to let me know. So, without further ado, here’s how I use the site:

  • Introduction to a Topic. I use the online textbook to introduce my students to a new topic. Itis written at a lower reading level and is designed to simply deliver the content that my students need. Typically I use the text-book in two different ways. I either print the articles out and go over them in class or I have the students read them on a device in class or at home. There are advantages to doing both at the same time as well. For example, the online article has links to videos to explain vocabulary which obviously doesn’t work on the print out.
    • On the print-out I have the students read independently first with the purpose of color coding their reading. They have to highlight 3 different colors. One for Economic, Social and Political. They will also need to circle with a red pen all words they do not know.
    • We then Popcorn read the article as a class and discuss all the notes they made and they will record the definitions of the words they didn’t know in the columns. I often use the words my students didn’t know to decide which need to be turned into vocabulary videos. I also use those words in a weekly vocabulary quiz.
  • Activities to Reinforce a Topic. Under the Activities tab or at the bottom of each article in the Online Text book I post links to supporting activities. All of which fall into 3 categories: I have used them, I still use them, or I plan to use them.
    • Each Activity is designed to be as short as possible so it can fit into a class period on it’s own or be complimented with other small activities. All activity pages on the site have descriptions, instructions and downloadable files for you to use as you like. If you make changes, be sure to let me know so that I can consider using your strategy for myself 😉
  • Review and Study. I make the use of Remind and link to a blog post that I create which links to videos, articles, and any other resources that my students will need for a quiz or test as their digital study guide. I have had great success linking to vocabulary videos before a quiz. When I look at the statistics of the site I can see that more than half of my students make use of the videos and it shows in their grades and in future class discussions.

Since using History Illustrated in this fashion I have seen great results with my own students and I hope that you will as well. If you do enjoy it and it works well for you, perhaps you will return and donate a buck to support my site.

Thank You,

Justin Weinmann