After the founding of Jamestown and Plymouth many Europeans began moving to America for a number of reasons.  Several countries in Europe would begin creating their own colonies and grow their empires, but the majority of the people living in those countries would choose to move to the colonies started by England.

The English colonies grew quickly during the 17th century. Plantations in the south attracted many would-be farmers of tobacco, rice and indigo to strike it rich. Slavery was introduced in Jamestown in 1619 to make farming more profitable. Later enslaved Africans would be brought to the colonies in record numbers. Throughout American History, slaves would outnumber free citizens in some colonies.

Many religious groups would create their own colonies for their religion, such as Maryland for Catholics, Pennsylvania for Quakers, and Massachusetts for Puritans. As more colonies sprung up for many groups of people, many flocked to America seeking a better life, religious freedom, or simply a fresh start.

As the population began to grow the amount of land required grew as well. The colonies grew further west into the interior of the continent. As the colonies expanded so did issues with Native Americans. America was quickly becoming a very diverse population with much conflict waiting.