Under the tab “Lessons” you will find a post from each day of class. This is great for parents to see what is going on in the classroom and for students to keep up with assignments.

Online Text Book

Under the tab “Online Text Book” you will find a list of links for different eras of American History. Each era contains a chapter with discussion questions and an overview video.

Vocabulary Videos

Under the tab “Vocabulary Videos” you will see an online glossary of common words we use in our class. The ones that are clickable I have created a short video that can be viewed on YouTube or this site.

Student Showcase

Under the tab “Student Showcase” you will see posts of work created by my students.

Art Blog

The “Art Blog” link is a collection of posts of my history related artwork.

Education Blog

The “Education Blog” link is a collection of posts written primarily by me on education topics.