HomePageImageHistory Illustrated is a teacher-created website providing social studies for kids. Using original illustrations and videos we bring a fun and modern solution to a challenging subject. It was created by teacher and artist Justin Weinmann as a small project to help his own class. However, it has steadily grown  and we now have online students of all ages learning around the world.

Originally containing illustrated articles of Early American History, the website now includes video summaries and is adding the subjects of World History, Texas History and Geography, as well.

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History Illustrated is 100% free to students, teachers and your general history buff. Our website contains no advertisements because we believe they detract from the overall mission to educate.

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This website is teacher-created, and teacher-funded and receives a lot of traffic. We are small, but sometimes our bills can appear to be those of a big business. Please consider donating. Every little bit truly does help.


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Meet Our Team


Justin WeinmannAll my life I wanted to be an artist. I drew every day as a child, as an adolescent and even now into adulthood. College, though, changed me forever. The first art class I signed up for was Art History. It was also the last art class I ever took because I was required to take a humanities class. That class would lead me down the path to attaining a B.S. in Social Science. My required Western Civ class was followed by Western Civ II, then World History, US History, Russian History, and many more. I couldn’t get enough history. My professors had introduced me to the idea that studying history allows you to know what you stand for. I wasn’t just learning history; I was learning who I was and what I wanted to be. I was beginning to think that I wanted to be a history teacher.

I was at a crossroads. Becoming a teacher meant I would give up on my previous passion and I knew I didn’t want to sacrifice any of my art.  I now know I do not have to be a history teacher at the expense of being an artist. History Illustrated has given me the chance to pursue all of my passions and give me extreme satisfaction in life.

Contact: justin@historyillustrated.org | LinkedIn | Justin’s Art Portfolio

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